Wednesday’s carp update

There’s lots going on today:

Michigan’s Governor sent a letter  to the Michigan attorney general asking that he begin legal action to shut the locks and then construct a permanent barrier between the Chicago canals and Lake Michigan to keep Asian carp from spreading to the lakes. We sent a letter in support of that legal action.

The Michigan Attorney General immediately responded and said he’s considering legal action and he’s contacted the federal and Illinois agencies to demand action.

Sterilizing portions of the canals begins today. The Illinois DNR will add rotenone, a fish poison, to the Chicago Sanitary Ship Canal this evening to make sure there are no carp there when they shut down the electric fence that is supposed to repel the carp. The DNR will poison the DNA hotspots in the Cal Sag Channel, beyond the barrier, to see if carp are also present there. See the DNR’s news release (pdf).

This is a good step, but not enough: the locks should be closed right away and kept closed until there is no danger of the carp getting to Lake Michigan.


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